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Data from the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC). Last update on 2024-07-19 15:21:35.0.


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The maximum amount of nuclear radioactivity for the last 30 days was 36 CPM and the average was 17 CPM based on 6306 samples.

Status: green

Radioactivity Summary at Ellinikon, GR.

Last update on 2024-07-17 22:07.

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The first indication of greatness for NASA Webbs science 1 - July 12th, 2022


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The first indication of greatness for NASA Webbs science 2 - July 12th, 2022


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Zooming into the Sun at perihelion - May 18th, 2022

The ESA/NASA Solar Orbiter spacecraft made the first of its close perihelion passages on 26 March 2022. The spacecraft flew closer to the Sun than the inner planet Mercury achieving its closest approach at just 32 percent of the Earths distance from the Sun. Being that close to the Sun the images and data returned were spectacular.


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Comparing two supermassive black holes: Sgr A vs M 87 - May 12th, 2022

The two supermassive black holes that have been observed by the EHT have considerable differences in mass. M87 is more than a thousand times larger than the black hole at the centre of our galaxy Sgr A which means that the gas goes around the latter much faster (on the timescale of minutes) than it goes around the former (on the timescale of days to weeks). When using the Dolomites as an analogy observing the mountain range would correspond to a whole day for Sgr A but only to a few minutes for M87 while keeping the observing time on Earth the same.


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First Video of NASAs Ingenuity Mars Helicopter in Flight - April 19th, 2021


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NASA captures FIRST SOUNDS on the surface of Mars - February 22nd, 2021


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1st image from Perseverance rover on Mars - February 18th, 2021


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NASA Invites Public to Share Thrill of Mars Perseverance Rover Landing - February 12th, 2021


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Planetfest 2021 - February 12th, 2021

Bill Nye and leading experts in a virtual festival celebrating the next era of Mars exploration! from 13/02/21 to 14/02/21


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